Tori Soba restaurant Tomaranai Ramen Ai GET54 opens in Amu Plaza Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Sep 5, 2022

Three types of Tori Soba

On August 20, the newest branch of Tomaranai Ramen Ai GET54, a Tori Soba (chicken ramen) specialty restaurant, opened on the fifth floor of Amu Plaza Kagoshima’s main building.

The chain has its flagship store in Nishitaniyama, Kagoshima City. It features “foamy soup” made from chicken broth, blended one serving at a time. It has been expanding its business by opening the Fukuoka Shingu branch last November, the Kimotsuki branch this March, and the sister restaurant Tsukiyomi by GET54 at the Kagoshima Airport in April.

The new Amu Plaza branch is located next to the escalator on the post office side of the building, and the storefront showcases Bizen and Karatsu ware bowls used for serving ramen. The restaurant has table and counter seating areas, and white truffle oil for “altering the taste” is available on the tabletops.

The menu includes The Tori Soba (900 yen), Tan Tan Tori Soba, and Lemon Butter Tori Soba (950 yen), the chain’s three main noodle dishes, as well as Juicy Karaage (from 300 yen for two pieces), Chicken and Scallop Steamed Dumplings (300 yen), and Rice with Soft-boiled Egg (250 yen), to name a few. Draft beer, highballs, brown sugar shochu, and other alcoholic beverages are also available.

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

  • Inside Tomaranai Ramen Ai GET54

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