Self-shoot photo studio opens in Kagoshima – Capture your favorite moment

PUBLISHED Sep 6, 2022

Inside the studio

Two months have passed since Self-Shoot Photo Studio Recollection opened in Kajiyacho, Kagoshima City.

Kiichi Tokuda, an AR creator for social media platforms and social media specialist for businesses, and Rei Kawauchi, the head of the studio, jointly manage the business. Unlike conventional photo studios, where a photographer takes photos, self-shoot photo studios allow customers to use a remote control to release the shutter at any desired moment.

The name reflects their hope that “whenever customers look at their photos, they will have a ‘recollection’ of their time spent taking photos at the studio.” Its floor space is approximately 66 square meters. In addition to the equipment used by professional photographers, such as DSLR cameras and lighting equipment, the studio also provides frames, sunglasses, tiaras, plastic flowers, disposable cameras, and other props that can be used for photo shooting.

One session lasts 15 minutes, and customers can take as many photos as they wish during this time. All photographic data are available to customers. The fee is 2,000 yen per person for black-and-white and 2,500 yen for color photos. It also offers discounts for couples and birthdays. Since its opening, the studio has been attracting high school and college girls, couples, and families, and some customers use it to take maternity photos.

Kawauchi says: “People can take the best smiling photos because they can choose the moment that works best for them. It’s easy to shoot, even if you know nothing about cameras. We invite you to make the most of this service.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (advance reservations required).

  • The exterior of Self-Shoot Photo Studio Recollection

  • Tripod for Smartphone at Self-Shoot Photo Studio Recollection

  • An example of B&W photo

  • An example of color photo