Sandwich and side dish takeout store opens in Kagoshima, with ‘fermentation’ as keyword

PUBLISHED Sep 8, 2022

Owner Mariko Maki welcoming customers

On August 31, KOYOMI, a takeout store specializing in sandwiches, smoothies, and side dishes, opened in Horiecho, Kagoshima City.

Mariko Maki, the owner, also engages in agro-processing and recipe development. Originally from Amami Oshima Island, she has commercialized “Kiminimiki,” a bottled beverage adapted from Amami’s traditional fermented drink “Miki,” and “Hakko MOON,” another Miki drink that can be stored at room temperature for three months. She initially rented the space with the idea of using it as a laboratory for product development but decided to open a takeout store to try out her new approach to store sales.

Under the concept of “a store that helps enhance your intestinal activity,” she worked on developing dishes that incorporate fermented food. She also uses Miki and other fermented elements as secret ingredients in roast beef and the dough for bagels.

The menu includes sandwiches (from 300 yen) with a choice of herb chicken, roast beef, BLT, and more; fermented smoothies (from 400 yen), including Berry & Berry, Tropical Mango, and Green Detox; and side dishes (from 200 yen) such as marinated vegetables, Japanese salad, potato salad, and roast beef. Kiminimiki and Hakko MOON are also available at the store.

Maki says with a smile, “I want to continue to introduce healthy food with ‘Hakko (fermentation)’ as a keyword.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (closed when sold out). Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays, and will be closed for three days from September 9 to 11 to open a booth at an event at Maruya Gardens. KOYOMI will offer sandwiches at Solaniwa on the rooftop of Maruya Gardens.

  • Display case of KOYOMI

  • Bagel sandwich from KOYOMI

  • BLT sandwich from KOYOMI

  • Berry & Berry from KOYOMI

  • Sandwich and side dish set from KOYOMI