Long-matured Genshu shochu ‘Mishimamura’ to go on pre-sale at Sengan-en, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Sep 15, 2022

Long-matured Genshu Shochu Mishimamura

The long-matured Genshu shochu of Mishima Village’s authentic shochu brand “Mishimamura” will go on pre-sale at Sengan-en Garden, Kagoshima City, from September 17.

The “Mishimamura” brand is the signature product of “Mishima Shochu Muku no Kura (みしま焼酎 無垢の蔵)”, the village-run shochu distillery established in 2018 to revitalize the local community. With technical support from Hamada Shuzo and other long-established shochu manufacturing companies, the distillery has been producing and marketing Mishimamura shochu. For the first time, the distillery will offer the long-matured Genshu, or undiluted shochu, which has been stored for four years since its establishment. Although officially available in limited quantities from October 1, it will be on sale in advance at the “Mishima/Toshima Local Products Fair,” which will begin on September 17 at Sengan-en.

While the regular Shochu Mishimamura (25%) is characterized by its sweet and refreshing taste, “the Genshu has a higher alcohol content of 36% and is more satisfying to drink,” says the representative. “Some people may have the impression that a high alcohol content makes it difficult to drink, but the long maturation in kame (earthenware vessel) gives it a mellow and smooth feel,” he added.

In addition to the Genshu, Shochu Mishimamura in three sizes — 4-go (720ml), 1-go (180ml), and 1-sho (1,800ml) — and in the exclusive Kakiemon bottle version, as well as Shochu Mendon (4-go) will be sold at the fair. The 1-go size of Mishimamura comes in a round bottle, which is rare for shochu, making it an ideal souvenir. The price of the Kakiemon version, which features the Arita ware bottle made by Kakiemon Kiln, is 300,000 yen. Due to its value, the display of the actual product is currently under consideration, and it will likely be made available for order at the fair.

The fair will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission to Sengan-en (not including the admission to the residence) is 900 yen for high school students and adults and 450 yen for elementary and junior high school students. The fair will run until the 25th of this month.

  • Village-run shochu distillery “Mishima Shochu Muku no Kura”