Two-person exhibition ‘Customers of Blue Roof Zakka Store’ held in Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Sep 20, 2022

An example of collaborative works

Illustrators Aliceke Mishima and Michiru Ichigoya are currently holding a joint exhibition, “Customers of Blue Roof Zakka Store (Japanese title: 青屋根雑貨店のお客様),” at the shop and gallery SOMETHING in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City.

The exhibition is a collaborative project of two female artists. It themes on “a story of a charming zakka store run by two magicians in a mysterious land and its customers.” It features artworks based on the story, accompanied by short narratives.

Four collaborative pieces serve as the main feature of the exhibition. Since Mishima’s specialty is the patterns and art nouveau style and Ichigoya’s is space styling and landscape with stories, Ichigoya painted the interior of the zakka store, and Mishima worked on the patterns and story to complement the designs.

To enhance its unique world, each artist created five characters and their stories, imagining the customers visiting the store. The exhibition also includes paintings that “could be displayed inside the imaginary zakka store.” A photo spot with furnishings and artwork has been set up for visitors to enjoy.

The original merchandise lineup has grown to include bismuth crystals (1,200 yen), framed postcards (1,500 yen), plastic sleeves, letter writing sets, and jewelry, as well as capsule toys containing button badges designed by Mishima (100 yen per capsule).

Mishima said: “The creative chemistry between us two has created a story and depth to this fictional zakka store. We hope the bewitching illustrations, beautiful furnishings, and vivid colors will offer some respite to those feeling a little stressed out.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Admission is 300 yen. The exhibition is open until October 2.

  • The photo spot at the exhibition

  • Framed postcards sold at the exhibition

  • Button badges included in the capsule toys