Coffee Soldier opens new store in Aira, Kagoshima, with 9 types of beans available to sample

PUBLISHED Sep 21, 2022

The exterior of Coffee Soldier Aira Roastery

Three months have passed since Coffee Soldier Aira Roastery, a coffee bean specialty store, opened near Aira City Hall.

It is the second branch of the coffee stand Coffee Soldier in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City. Shunichi Takemoto, the owner, has twice won the Japan Barista Championship organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan and has represented Japan in the world championships. Takemoto decided to open a new store in Aira as he wanted a space to install a large roasting machine and a parking lot.

The store has a floor space of about 50 square meters, and a large roasting machine is placed near the entrance. The counter in the center of the store is lined with coffee bags and information plates of nine different types of beans that customers can sample. Coffee mills, drippers, and gift sets are also available for purchase.

The beans offered at the store include award-winning varieties from Ethiopia, Indonesia, and other countries and the store’s original blends. Prices start at 1,300 yen for 250 grams. “I want customers to compare different types of coffee and choose the one they like,” says Takemoto.

The store also offers daily coffee for takeout (hot or iced, medium size from 250 yen). Customers will receive a free cup of coffee when purchasing beans.

The store also provides detailed instructions on how to brew coffee and store beans, but Takemoto says, “If the beans are good, you don’t need to be particular about how to brew them to get a good cup of coffee. I hope our beans will help people enjoy coffee more at home.”

Opening hours: 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

  • The roasting machine at Coffee Soldier Aira Roastery

  • The counter lined with coffee beans

  • Examples of products offered at Coffee Soldier Aira Roastery

  • Inside Coffee Soldier Aira Roastery