Bakery ‘Komugi-no Dorei’ opens in Taniyama, Kagoshima, with curry bun as its signature item

PUBLISHED Oct 3, 2022

The exterior of Komugi-no Dorei Taniyama

On September 28, a bakery “Komugi-no Dorei Taniyama” opened in Taniyama, Kagoshima City.

Komugi-no Dorei, meaning the slave of wheat, was born out of HIU (Horie Takafumi Innovation University), an online community led by entrepreneur Takafumi Horie, and focuses on local revitalization and entertainment. 72 stores are currently in operation since Komugino in Hokkaido began franchising in February 2021. The bakery chain has approximately 130 outlets in total, including ones in the process of opening. In Kagoshima Prefecture, its first store, Satsumasendai Branch, opened in July this year, and Taniyama is the second in the prefecture and the first in Kagoshima City. Taniyama-based company Pleasure operates the franchise.

The signature item is Zakzaku Curry Pan (290 yen), a bun filled with curry with a “crunchy texture” produced by deep frying the bun with croutons. It has won the gold award for three consecutive years in the Currypan Grand Prix held by the Japan Currypan Association. Other baked goods, including chocolate Danish pastry and quiche, are on offer with unique names: examples are “渚とわたしに恋をして (Fall in Love with the Beach and Me)” and “私にはまってごらん チョコ沼タルト (Get Stuck in with Me: Chocolate Swamp Tart)”. A selection of Milk Bread is also available.

The store manager, Shoji Kawasaki, a.k.a. Kakkie, says: “I want to vitalize Kagoshima City as we grow together with our staff. We hope to collaborate with Satsumasendai Branch to promote projects that will energize Kagoshima.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Closes when sold out). Closed on Mondays. Parking space for 11 cars available.

  • Zakzaku Curry Pan from Komugi-no Dorei

  • Packaging of Zakzaku Curry Pan

  • Bakery product examples from Komugi-no Dorei