Illustrator Seiji Takezoe’s solo exhibition opens in Tenmonkan, first-ever in Kagoshima City

PUBLISHED Oct 11, 2022

The exhibition "BOOKMARK”

Marginal Gallery on the seventh floor of Maruya Gardens is currently holding “BOOKMARK,” a solo exhibition by Kagoshima-based illustrator Seiji Takezoe.

Takezoe works in a wide range of fields, from illustrations for advertisements and publications to logos and package designs. He has a reputation for his unique line style that creates a world where various objects seem to spring out of a toy box, filling every inch of the space. He has been commissioned to create illustrations for tourism and festivals from within and outside Kagoshima Prefecture. It is his first solo exhibition in Kagoshima City.

The exhibition features non-commissioned pieces, including twenty new digital and ten hand-drawn works, and more to be added during the exhibition period. Examples of past creations, including posters, books, and packages such as tea and bottles, are also on display. Takezoe describes the show as “a retrospective of my journey, marking the past, present, and future.”

Merchandise such as posters, bookmarks, stickers, and postcards are available at the venue. There is a section where visitors can browse the “Kagoshima Illustrators File,” a publication introducing local illustrators, of which Takezoe serves as the publisher. In addition to the latest issue of the magazine, back numbers from the past 13 years are available for viewing. The café, Kamousarou Zenzai, adjacent to the gallery, also displays posters and logo designs created by the artist.

Takezoe commented: “The collection is an extension of my previous works, but with a new style that focuses on toned, darker shades of colors. With the large-sized prints, I created a space where visitors can experience the sense of being enveloped by illustrations. I hope visitors will enjoy the new way of appreciating illustrations they cannot have on a phone or computer screen.”

The exhibition is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. It runs until October 30. Free admission.

  • Work examples and merchandise at the exhibition “BOOKMARK”

  • Examples of package designs by Seiji Takezoe

  • The section showcasing the “Kagoshima Illustrators File”

  • Logo designs by Seiji Takezoe