Limited-time lifestyle store opens at Maruya Gardens, Kagoshima – Styled like magazine pages

PUBLISHED Oct 17, 2022

Inside the store

A month has passed since the launch of Croissant, a limited-time pop-up store for lifestyle products, in the Junkudo Bookstore on the sixth floor of Maruya Gardens.

The store originated from the lifestyle and culture magazine “Croissant,” published by Magazine House. Under the concept of “Simple, practical, and attractive products for daily life,” the store offers unique and popular items, including eco-friendly bags, cooking utensils, clothing, and foodstuffs. The store carries approximately 150 products.

Each product features a POP (Point of Purchase) display designed to resemble a page from the magazine. The words “Equivalent to an egg!” accompany the lightweight folding umbrella and “Hold up to five 2-litter bottles” on the sturdy eco-bag. There are also photos showing how to use them. “We tried to create a store where customers feel as if they are shopping while reading the magazine Croissant,” says Chigusa Matsumi, the public relations manager of Maruya Gardens.

Since its opening on September 9, the best-selling item is the Ami-tawashi (418 yen), a double-mesh scrubbing cloth with a string. Other hot sellers are Antibacterial Lustar Series (from 396 yen), scratch-free kitchen scrub pads made from aluminum particles, and Raku Oroshi (880 yen), an easy-to-grate grating plate for vegetables and other food items with reinforced ceramic grains.

Matsumi says, “We have a lineup of convenient and time-saving products. We hope to see you at the store.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. The pop-up store will be open until November 22.

  • Sales floor with magazine-style pops

  • Examples of kitchen items