Farm Restaurant Mori-no-Kazoku in Kagoshima reopens as takeout store

PUBLISHED Oct 19, 2022

Manager Uto inviting customers to visit the store

On October 17, Farm Restaurant Mori-no-Kazoku in Meizancho, Kagoshima City, reopened as a takeout-only store.

An organic farm Sonoyama Noen manages the store. It previously served lunch using organic vegetables from its own farm, but on October 13, it closed its nine-year restaurant operation. Subsequently, they changed the name to Sonoyama Noen Deli Mori-no-Kazoku and relaunched it as a takeout outlet.

The deli corner has white containers that customers can fill with their favorite side dishes. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers and receive a 50 yen discount.

The available dishes include Winter Melon Pork Soboro Ankake, Soy Meat in a Sweet and Sour Sauce, Salmon Escabèche, and Kurobuta Pork Hamburger Steak. It also offers Kagoshima’s local sweet potato dish Gane, karaage, croquettes, brown rice balls, and other items, and prices start at 108 yen. Bento lunches that have been “popular since the restaurant days” are also available, including Mori Kazo Bento (1,188 yen) and Noen Bento (648 yen).

The Mori Kazo Store, an organic food store selling fresh vegetables and other items, has moved to a new location near the checkout counter, and the closing time has also been changed from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. “We have made it easier for people to drop by after work,” says the manager Yuki Uto.

In September, the store held a tasting event targeting people who work in the neighborhood and gathered feedback on the size and palatability of the food. “We also paid special attention to the colors of the food since we have many female customers,” Uto said. She added: “I especially recommend the dishes prepared with organic vegetables. We hope customers enjoy our seasonal dishes, which change from season to season.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays.

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