Yakiniku bar, restaurant Yakiniku Horumon Takeda opens in Kagoshima, first in Kyushu

PUBLISHED Oct 25, 2022

The exterior of Yakiniku Horumon Takeda Tenmonkan

On October 14, a yakiniku bar and restaurant Yakiniku Horumon Takeda Tenmonkan opened in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City.

Saitama-based company Minamoto operates the chain Yakiniku Horumon Takeda. Since its first outlet opened in Saitama Prefecture in February 2019, it has continued to expand throughout Japan, and the Tenmonkan outlet, the first in Kyushu, is its 31st.

The Tenmonkan branch is managed by MS Food Service in Miyazaki Prefecture, a part of the Miyakonojo Shuzo Group. Yoshiaki Nihonyanagi, the general manager, says, “Four of the eleven food joints we manage are in Kagoshima Prefecture, and we are big fans of Kagoshima. We opened the new restaurant hoping to boost Kagoshima with an exciting menu.” The restaurant has two floors, with table seating on the first floor and kotatsu seating and private rooms on the second floor.

Domestic horumon (offal) dishes start at 418 yen. The All-Star Horumon Mix (1,098 yen) is a combination of “Takeda’s specialty White Mix” and “Red Mix,” which has been popular since the establishment, and the Negi-Yama Takeda Tan (788 yen) is a combination of pork tongue and green onions. For yakiniku, the restaurant offers Takeda Kalbi (548 yen), or grilled ribs, and other meats. The all-you-can-drink lemon sour, which can be poured directly from the tap, is limited to 60 minutes and costs 550 yen. Syrups to add flavor are also available.

Opening hours: 4:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (From 11:00 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

  • First floor table seating of Yakiniku Horumon Takeda Tenmonkan

  • Second floor kotatsu seating of Yakiniku Horumon Takeda Tenmonkan

  • Private room on the second floor Yakiniku Horumon Takeda Tenmonkan

  • Negi-Yama Takeda Tan from Yakiniku Horumon Takeda Tenmonkan

  • All-Star Horumon Mix from Yakiniku Horumon Takeda Tenmonkan