Crepe café in Terukunicho, Kagoshima, offers seasonal homemade crepes

PUBLISHED Oct 26, 2022

Inside the café & salon Little Bit

October 23 marked two months since the opening of the café & salon Little Bit (tel 080-2621-8300), specializing in crepes, in Terukunicho, Kagoshima City.

Sayaka Tokushige, the owner, previously worked at a crepe store and opened the café on August 23. Since Tokushige could not eat frozen whipped cream, often used for commercial purposes, she decided to open the café to serve crepes with cream that she could eat herself. She also realized that a surprisingly large number of people around her cannot tolerate ready-made whipped cream.

She named the café “Little bit” as she likes the expression and explained: “It is challenging to do the best all the time, but I like the nuance of ‘just a little bit,’ for example, trying just a little bit harder or indulging just a little bit more.” The café has ten seats in total, including six at the counter and four at tables. On some days, Mona and Yuzu, the café’s resident dogs, greet customers.

Six to seven types of crepes are always available at Little Bit. In addition to sweet crepes (from 450 yen) such as Caramel Cream & Nuts, Thick Chocolate Cream & Banana, and Sugar Butter, there are also savory crepes (from 650 yen) such as Kawanabe Beef Loco Moco, Veggie Tacos, and Ham & Eggs. The crepes are homemade, and seasonal ingredients are used weekly, monthly, and seasonally. In October, the Mont Blanc crepe, featuring sweet chestnuts, was introduced for a limited time. The café offers coffee, matcha latte, lemonade, and other beverages, starting at 400 yen.

“I want people to enjoy crepes prepared with homemade batter and cream,” says Tokushige. She is also planning to launch a food truck business in the future. “I like traveling, so I hope to offer crepes while traveling around the country,” she added.

Opening hours: Noon to 5:00 p.m. Closing days are announced on social media pages (Usually closed on Mondays and Thursdays).

  • Counter seating of the café & salon Little Bit

  • Making crepes

  • Caramel Cream crepe & Nuts from café & salon Little Bit

  • Veggie Tacos crepe from café & salon Little Bit