Izakaya Shururi opens in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima, focusing on fish dishes served on Arita ware

PUBLISHED Nov 10, 2022

The exterior of Izakaya Shururi

Izakaya Shururi (TEL 099-248-7382) opened on October 10 near Bunka-dori Street in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City.

Kensuke Yamazumi, who has been in the restaurant business in Tenmonkan for over a decade, opened the izakaya. Following the pandemic, he decided to open a place catering to a single person or a small group rather than a group of customers.

The izakaya has a counter with ten seats, two tables for four people, and one table for two people. All menu items are served individually on a “one item, one plate” basis, on Arita ware porcelain plates, so that “customers can eat and drink with peace of mind.”

The izakaya offers primarily fresh fish dishes that Yamazumi has hand-picked with great attention to detail and always has at least five kinds of sashimi available. The menu also features food that make the most of seasonal ingredients, such as Jidori chicken sashimi, crab cream croquettes, fried anglerfish, and grilled Nodogurouro (blackthroat seaperch), among others. “We change the menu every day so that customers don’t get bored,” says Yamazumi. The recommendation is the Kurobuta Pork Cured Ham Wrapped with Cheese (550 yen), which, he says, is popular among women.

The drink menu includes Kagoshima shochu, beer, and highballs, as well as a wide selection of sake from all over Japan.

Yamazumi hopes that female customers and those on their own will feel comfortable stopping by.

Opening hours: 5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.

  • Table seating of Izakaya Shururi

  • Counter seating of Izakaya Shururi

  • Examples of dishes offered at Izakaya Shururi

  • Example of a la carte dish served at Izakaya Shururi