Cake store using rice and tea leaves from Hioki opens in Kagoshima’s CenTerrace Tenmonkan

PUBLISHED Nov 17, 2022

Okome no Kashi-ten CenTerrace Branch

On November 1, Okome no Kashi-ten opened in Gurunavi Dining Park on the second floor of the CenTerrace Tenmonkan, offering sweets and cakes made from rice and tea leaves produced in Hioki.

The main store of Okome no Kashi-ten opened in Ijuincho, Hioki City, in April this year. H&WORKERS manages the stores. Okome no Kashi-ten offers baked goods made with Hioki rice, hoping to promote Hioki and accommodate customers who prefer gluten-free. Although the main store only caters to takeout customers, the CenTerrace branch offers a dine-in menu as it is located in the Gurunavi Dining Park and has tables available in the same hall.

The popular item is Okome Shortcake (500 yen). The store prides itself on using seasonal ingredients in its lineup of products and currently offers shortcakes made with Japanese pears. This fall, Chestnut Roll Cake (2,000 yen for a whole cake, 420 yen for a piece) and Salted Cheese Cake (350 yen), released this month, are recommended items. The Okome no Pudding a la Mode (680 yen) and Okome no Crème Brulee (480 yen), made with black tea produced in Hioki, are available as in-house menu items only at the CenTerrace branch.

Yuriko Tachi, the division manager, said: “All of our products are gluten-free. In winter, we plan to switch to products using Hioki strawberries. Come and enjoy our delicious offerings and have a happy time at our store.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

  • Display case of Okome no Kashi-ten CenTerrace Branch

  • Examples of baked goods from Okome no Kashi-ten CenTerrace Branch

  • Cheese cake from Okome no Kashi-ten CenTerrace Branch

  • Chocolate cake from Okome no Kashi-ten CenTerrace Branch