Hamada Shuzo releases its own playlist on Spotify, featuring 19 songs chosen with fans

PUBLISHED Nov 21, 2022

Honkaku Imo Shochu DAIYAME and the “Everybody’s DAIYAME Music” page

Hamada Shuzo (Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture) released its own playlist, “Everybody’s DAIYAME Music,” on the music distribution service Spotify on November 1.

DAIYAME is an Imo Shochu made from sweet potatoes released by Hamada Shuzo Distillery in 2018. The word “Daiyame” means “to drink in the evening to relieve the day’s fatigue” in the Kagoshima dialect. Known for its lychee-like aroma, the Shochu DAIYAME won the Trophy, the top prize in the shochu category, at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) in 2019 and has been highly regarded domestically and internationally.

In September, the distillery called for submissions on Twitter for “recommended songs to listen to at Daiyame-Doki, the evening drink time.” The purpose of the contest was to “broaden the horizons of the brand through the playlist created with fans,” explains Hamada Shuzo. At the time of the call for entries, it prepared giveaways by a raffle drawing and received approximately 2,300 entries. The playlist includes 19 songs “carefully selected by the distillery.”

Shuro Kawano, the public relations manager, said: “The music submitted by the entrants was all wonderful and made us want to immerse ourselves in the music while enjoying the evening drinks. We will continue to promote the charm of DAIYAME so that it can become like the music that reaches out to people’s hearts.”