Tea and cheesecake store opens in Kagoshima, offering them in clear pull-tab containers

PUBLISHED Nov 22, 2022

The exterior of Meguru

One month has passed since Meguru (Phone: 070-7471-1615), a tea and cheesecake store, opened in Chuocho, Kagoshima City, on November 15.

Junya Yoshimura, who runs the restaurant Nihonbashi Tendon Isshin on the second floor of the same building, opened the business. Yoshimura trained his trade in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, for seven years and opened Isshin five years ago. Since his wife’s grandfather owns a tea plantation, he decided to open Meguru to “introduce the charms of tea to young people, especially teenagers.” He named the store after his grandfather-in-law.

The store features a bright green sign on a white wall. While the main focus is on takeout sales, it also offers a space that can accommodate three people standing and has a sofa seat for two.

The drink selection includes green tea, matcha latte, peach tea, hojicha latte, blended coffee, and milk tea, with prices ranging from 324 yen to 594 yen for a medium size. For an additional 100 yen, customers can choose the drinks to be served in clear pull-tab containers. With this option, the prepared drink is placed in a transparent container, and the pull-tab lid is attached using a specialized machine. The service is available for all drinks.

Most desserts, including cheesecake and jelly, are served in the same containers. The Matcha Fresh Cheesecake (858 yen), developed by Yoshimura, is a “highly recommended item.” It is layered with matcha jelly, matcha cheesecake, azuki beans, and other ingredients to create a pleasing visual effect. “The cake comes in a container, so at first glance, it may not look like much, but it is about the same amount as two slices of cake,” he said.

Yoshimura added, “We plan to open a booth at events in the future and hope to promote Chiran tea across Japan through e-commerce as well.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Closed on Tuesdays.

  • The counter of Meguru

  • Inside Meguru

  • Matcha Fresh Cheesecake from Meguru

  • Matcha Latte from Meguru