Unmanned frozen gyoza store opens in Arata, Kagoshima, offering 14 kinds of dumplings

PUBLISHED Nov 29, 2022

Inside Gyoza Baka Ichidai

On November 19, Gyoza Baka Ichidai (Arata, Kagoshima City), an unattended gyoza dumpling store, opened near Kagoshima University’s Korimoto Campus. The property management company Uchidake Fudosan runs the business.

The concept is “selling various gyoza without staff.” President Keisuke Uchida says, “Unattended frozen gyoza stands are increasing in Kagoshima City, but because they are operated by manufacturing companies, each stand often sells only one brand of gyoza. Our store is unique — we have multiple brands in one location.”

The name was inspired by the manga “Karate Baka Ichidai,” known as “Karate Master” in English. The store entrance is immediately to the right after entering the adjacent laundromat, and the sales floor is approximately 13 square meters.

The store offers 14 kinds of gyoza from five brands, including Gyoza no Big Five, Marusen Gyoza, and Gyoza no Micchi from Kagoshima; Yataibone no Gyoza in various styles, such as Miyazaki spicy noodle style, Chinese chive, and garlic, from Miyazaki; and San San Gyoza from Fukuoka. They have selected the products with the help of the Kagoshima Gyoza Council, which was established in April. The current product lineup is the first phase, and they plan to add more brands in the future.

Prices range from 400 yen for a pack of 10 to 12 dumplings and from 1,000 yen for a set of two packs of 12. A sauce (500 yen) made with black vinegar produced by Fukuyamasu Brewery, Kirishima City, in collaboration with the store is also available.

Currently, customers can pay only in cash by placing the total amount in a box located in the store. It plans to introduce electronic payment in the future. The interior is streamed on the store’s YouTube channel to deter crime.

Uchida added, “This is an example of effective use of the real estate. We hope to open more stores like this in the future. The unit price is a little high for gyoza, so I hope people will enjoy it as a special treat on a joyous occasion.”

  • The exterior of Gyoza Baka Ichidai

  • The entrance of Gyoza Baka Ichidai

  • Freezer at Gyoza Baka Ichidai

  • Examples of gyoza available at Gyoza Baka Ichidai

  • Example of gyoza available at Gyoza Baka Ichidai