Kagoshima City calls for participation in ‘Jobcation-Style Kagoshima Trial Relocation Experience’

PUBLISHED Dec 1, 2022

Yasunaga, Tanaka, and Kawabata of the Bureau of Industry (from left to right) calling for participation

Kagoshima City is currently inviting participants for a work environment experience program called “Jobcation-Style Kagoshima Trial Relocation Experience” to be held in January.

The program targets creative professionals who are interested in relocating to rural areas. Kagoshima is a prefecture with many primary industries, such as agriculture, forestry, and fishery. Megumi Yasunaga, the Bureau of Industry, says that Kagoshima City has been promoting the relocation of creative businesses and professionals to the city to increase their presence and add value in areas such as design. The city has been organizing the “Kagoshima Design Award,” operating the “mark MEIZAN,” a facility for the development of creative industries, and holding the “Kagoshima x Shibuya Creative Symposion” in collaboration with Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

It is the first time a Jobcation-style program to be launched in Kagoshima. The term “jobcation” is a coined word combining “job” and “workcation,” and refers to a work style that involves engaging in a side job in the destination region. In this program, participants are divided into teams and given days to work on tasks presented by three host companies in Kagoshima City.

The three participating companies are: FCR, which conducts planning, editing, and website creation and a group company of the Fuchigami Printing Co., Ltd.; Forever, which provides system development and IT training; and Adan Resort, which operates the Amami no Sato commercial complex to promote the nature and culture of Amami Oshima.

Yasunaga added: “People who decide to relocate to a certain area often have some local connection or interest that triggers their decision. We hope to help them build a connection with Kagoshima and motivate them to relocate here. We also hope it will be an opportunity for local businesses to benefit from the skills of creative professionals.”

The program will take place from January 20 to 24. Although participants are responsible for round-trip transportation to the venue, lodging, meals, and other expenses, 30,000 yen per person will be subsidized.

Participants are limited to a maximum of 10. Applications will be accepted until December 11.