OSMANTHUS in Usuki, Kagoshima, offers flowers, ornamental plants, zakka items

PUBLISHED Dec 6, 2022

The owner Naoko Karimoto

Two months have passed since OSMANTHUS, a flower and gift store, opened in Usuki, Kagoshima City.

The owner is Naoko Karimoto. After gaining experience at a flower store in the city and obtaining a national qualification in floral arrangement, she decided to set up her own store to “inform people about flowers.”

The store has a floor space of 33 square meters. The name “Osmanthus” is a Latin name for a flowering shrub called “Kinmokusei” in Japanese, known for its fragrance and loved by many. “The flowers are small and not showy, but they leave a deep impression. I hope the store will be loved like Kinmokusei,” says Karimoto.

The store offers seasonal flowers, ornamental plants, preserved flowers, and zakka items. Kuge, or Buddhist floral offerings, are also available. Since the beginning of December, it has stocked more poinsettias and cyclamen for the Christmas season.

Floral arrangements are tailored to the occasion with seasonal flowers. Prices start from 3,500 yen for standard. Seasonal products such as Christmas wreaths and New Year’s shimenawa ropes, Phalaenopsis orchids, and flower stands for celebrations and funerals are also available.

Karimoto added, “I strive to create a store that everyone loves. Please feel free to visit us and ask us any questions you may have about flowers.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (until 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays). Closed on Sundays and holidays. Two parking spaces are available. Reservations are required by the day before for bouquets and other floral arrangements.

  • The exterior of OSMANTHUS

  • Inside OSMANTHUS

  • Inside OSMANTHUS

  • Example of flower arrangements from OSMANTHUS