Baked goods store in Aira, Kagoshima, offers scones made with plant-based ingredients

PUBLISHED Dec 12, 2022

Owner Chuma welcoming customers

It has been three months since Oyatsu no Hinata, a store specializing in baked goods, opened near Kensho Elementary School in Aira City.

Oyatsu no Hinata, focuses on takeout sales of baked goods such as scones, cookies, baked doughnuts, and cakes. Kazuko Chuma, the owner, opened the store in September after renovating the main building of her family home. Under the trade name “Hinata,” Chuma has run a food stall at local restaurants and markets, but it has been her dream to open a physical store one day. When her younger brother opened a hair salon in the same building, she decided to open a store at the same time.

Chuma uses Aira-grown barley for her baked doughnuts, which come in plain, cocoa, and other flavors. The scones are made with plant-based ingredients, without eggs or dairy products, and are available in apple jam, maple nuts, and other varieties. Prices range from 120 yen to 210 yen. The store currently opens two days a week. Once a week, it has a “Freshly Baked Scone Day,” opening at 11:30 a.m. to offer “piping hot” scones, which feature a crispy top.

The store also carries honey, maple syrup, and handmade jewelry and accessories made by Satsumasendai artist Mone. Last month, it began offering hot coffee, mocha, tea with milk, and other beverages for takeout.

Chuma added, “I want to keep offering simple, tasty, and healthy treats. I am currently experimenting with gluten-free items using rice flour”.

Opening hours: Noon – 4:00 p.m. The business days are announced on Instagram.

  • Scones and baked donuts from Oyatsu no Hinata

  • Examples of baked goods from Oyatsu no Hinata

  • The exterior of Oyatsu no Hinata

  • The jewelry section at Oyatsu no Hinata