Lasagna, gratin specialty restaurant opens in Take, Kagoshima, supervised by Tokyo-based chef

PUBLISHED Dec 14, 2022

The exterior of Vesuvio Bianco

Vesuvio Bianco, a restaurant specializing in lasagna and gratin, opened in Take, Kagoshima City, on November 22.

It is a sister restaurant to Il Piccolo BACARO, an Italian restaurant in Bus Chika Yatai Mura in front of Kagoshima Chuo Station. Kagoshima-based company Mulberry manages the business. As President Takuro Kajiya is a longtime acquaintance of Yuki Kanebako, owner and chef of the Italian restaurant Trattoria Ciaoro in Meguro, Tokyo, Kanebako supervised the opening of Vesuvio Bianco. Since lasagna is the most popular dish at Kanabako’s restaurant, he also operates a restaurant specializing in lasagna and an e-commerce site.

The name “Vesuvio” originates from Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano similar to Sakurajima, located in Kagoshima’s sister city, Naples. The restaurant has twelve seats at tables, a private room for four people, and six seats on the terrace.

For lunch, the restaurant offers Lunch Set (890 yen) and Lunch Course (2,000 yen) that includes a salad and drink. The Lunch Set has six main dishes to choose from, such as Seafood Lasagna, Kurobuta Pork Lasagna (or Rice Gratin), Oyster Gratin, and Scallops and Cod Roe Gratin. The Lunch Course features a choice of lasagna, rice gratin, or gratin, and comes with an appetizer, dessert, wine, and other items.

Currently the restaurant will be open for lunch until the end of February next year, with plans to undergo a renovation in March, followed by a reopening in April. The menu will be revised, and the restaurant will begin opening in the evening.

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closed on Mondays.

  • Table seating of Vesuvio Bianco

  • Inside Vesuvio Bianco

  • Private room of Vesuvio Bianco

  • Example of lasagna served at Vesuvio Bianco

  • Example of gratin offered at Vesuvio Bianco