Call for CF support for renovation of public restrooms in Meizanbori, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Dec 19, 2022

Project team members calling for support

The Shinmachi Restaurant Street Association in Meizambori, Kagoshima City, is currently calling for support through crowdfunding (CF) for the renovation of public restrooms.

Meizanbori is an area that retains a Showa-era retro townscape. It is close to Kagoshima City Hall and is known as a gourmet destination that preserves the nostalgic atmosphere of the old days. The association, consisting of 13 restaurants from the area, has launched a project on the CF site CAMPFIRE to raise funds to renovate the communal restrooms since it has deteriorated over time.

The restrooms were built in the 1960s. The association has been setting aside funds every month to cover the cost of renovation and repairs, and the members have taken turns cleaning the toilets daily. In recent years, problems have arisen with clogged pipes and drainage problems due to aging, and they have asked contractors to clean the facilities at 50,000 to 70,000 yen each time. They also found that the pipe replacement works would cost at least 2 million yen.

Since no government assistance was available for the privately owned restrooms, the association decided to use the CF system, and the project was launched on November 1. Local TV and newspapers reported on the project, and by the 15th of the same month, the initial goal of 2 million yen was achieved. The next goal of 3 million yen was accomplished one month later with 268 supporters as of the same date.

Yukino Kadoma, the leader of the Meizanbori supporters’ group and the chief project promoter, said: “We were anxious about this project as it was our first fund-raising campaign, but we are very grateful to receive the support from so many people. We felt that Meizancho is a wonderful place, loved and supported by many people, and all the team members have become more motivated to make it even more appealing.” There are only nine days left until the CF closing date. “We want more people to know about the project, about Meizanbori, and about the communal restrooms. We will continue to do our best in the final stage of the project,” she added.

In December, ten new types of returns were added to the CF project. One of them is from Kadoma, a former newspaper reporter, and she will write an article of their choice, limited to up to three people for a 30,000 yen donation.

The CF is open until December 28.