Butcher store for campers opens in Tokaicho, Kagoshima, also offering yakiniku bento

PUBLISHED Dec 27, 2022

Owner Sunasaka welcoming customers

Three months have passed since Niku ya Souzai Jyu (Phone: 050-8884-9084), specializing in meat and side dishes, opened in Tokaicho, Kagoshima City.

The store, which opened in September, is managed by Mugen Foods, run by second-generation president Shunji Sunasaka. While running a meat wholesale business, he also operates a yakiniku restaurant, Sumiyaki Mugen, in Sakanoue. When the president of HALU, an outdoor store in Tokaicho, asked if he was interested in opening a butcher shop catering to campers, Sunasaka decided to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise as a meat wholesaler and opened a store next door to HALU.

The interior features a modern café-style, overturning the image of a butcher store. “From the initial planning stage, we aimed to create a store that would attract young customers,” says Sunasaka. During the construction, some neighborhood residents asked if they were opening a café. The sales floor is spacious enough to accommodate a large number of customers during lunch hours, and it has a section for books on outdoor cooking.

Sunasaka’s recommendation for camping is the T-bone Steak (500 yen for 100 grams). It is cut from Bona Prime beef, a Mexican beef brand, and has a relatively stable price compared to other steaks and has little smell and fat. The steak is prepared in two-centimeter strips. The store can also offer steaks pre-grilled if requested in advance by phone.

The recommended boxed lunch is a hearty Yakiniku Bento (550 yen), featuring an assortment of beef, pork, and chicken, prepared with its own sauce. Souzai, or side dish, lineup includes karaage, potato salad, and other items. It plans to increase its selection of freshly prepared bento for lunchtime hours.

Sunasaka says: “Our strength lies in the fact that we are meat connoisseurs. We want to introduce our customers to more delicious ways of eating meat and information on inexpensive and tasty meat. We hope to become a place where young people see butcher stores in a new light.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays. The parking lot is shared with the adjacent HALU and holds ten cars. The store will be closed from the 28th for the year-end and New Year holidays.

  • The exterior of Niku ya Souzai Jyu

  • Inside Niku ya Souzai Jyu

  • Meat sales area of Niku ya Souzai Jyu

  • T-bone Steak from Niku ya Souzai Jyu

  • Yakiniku Bento from Niku ya Souzai Jyu