Shiroyama Hotel & Kagoshima High School develop collaborative products, available at hotel stores

PUBLISHED Jan 19, 2023

Examples of collaborative baked products

On January 20, Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima will start selling baked products and satsuma-age, a collaboration between the hotel and second-year students of Kagoshima High School’s Information Business Department.

Based on the same desire to contribute to the revitalization of their hometown Kagoshima, they have been working to develop collaborative products through their research class since 2021, and in December of the same year, they sold bread at the hotel as their first project. This is the second time, and the first time to sell satsuma-age, a fried fishcake originating from Kagoshima. The Information Business Department has four classrooms (33 to 37 students per classroom). Each student came up with an idea and made a presentation, from which each class narrowed down the products to develop.

Baked products include Gorogoro Sweet Potato Pie (440 yen), Raw Cane Sugar Cinnamon Roll (380 yen), Sesame Dango Style Raw Sugar Anpan (270 yen), and Chibichibitto Pan (550 yen), which includes four different varieties for customers to enjoy. Bakery Maison de Faveur in the hotel will carry the products.

Satsuma-age products are sold in sets of five (800 yen), including Satsuma-age Mochi, Pizza Satsuma-age, Satsutako Sankyodai, Spicy Satsuma-age with Cheese, and Shiso-maki. They will be sold at the hotel store Satsuma Bimi Gyokusen.

The sales will continue until January 31. They plan to market the baked products again from February 4 to 12, including croissants with matcha custard cream and macaroon-style cheese buns.

  • Raw Cane Sugar Cinnamon Roll

  • Chibichibitto Pan

  • Satsuma-age set