Bakery & black vinegar store PANTOSU opens in Kagoshima, photo spot available

PUBLISHED Jan 24, 2023


It has been one month since PANTOSU, a bakery and black vinegar store, opened in Ishiki, Kagoshima City.

Fukuyama Kurozu, a company specializing in black vinegar in Kirishima City, runs the store, which opened on December 18 next to the company’s Ishiki headquarters. The store name is a Japanese reading of “bread and vinegar.” It is takeout only and carries the company’s fruit black vinegar, black vinegar dressing, and other products in addition to bread.

The store uses black vinegar in the bread dough, ingredients for its stuffed savory buns, and whipped cream. Akane Fukumoto, in charge of menu planning and production, says, “Kneading black vinegar into the dough makes the bread fluffy and chewy.” Fukumoto is the former chef of the company’s Kurozu Restaurant and is particular about low-sugar, whole grain, and other ingredients.

Bakery items include non-fried curry buns made with curry from the Kurozu Restaurant, French toast made to order, and sweet dessert buns made with fruits grown on the company’s farm. Also available is Yudane bread (from 660 yen per loaf), made using the water roux method by adding boiling water to a portion of the dough and then letting it rest overnight.

The store also features burgers. The lineup includes 3B Burger (550 yen), sandwiching Black Wagyu beef in black vinegar sauce; Fish Tartar (390 yen), fried Kirishima salmon topped with black vinegar tartar sauce; and Sweet-and-Sour Pork Burger, newly released this month.

The interior is decorated with dried flowers throughout, and there is also a photo spot created with a ceiling full of dried flowers and a stand.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. There are five parking spaces.

  • Exterior view of PANTOSU

  • Example of bread products available at PANTOSU

  • Burger Examples

  • Dried flowers at PANTOSU