One-plate lunch café in Taniyama, Kagoshima, offers a relaxing space

PUBLISHED Jan 26, 2023

Inside Olivier Odrant

It has been almost three months since Olivier Odorant, a café specializing in one-plate lunches, opened in Taniyama, Kagoshima City.

Kyoko Marui opened the café last November. She used to be a customer of Patrie, a café with zakka and vintage items which was located at the same address. Marui had worked at a restaurant and used to mention to the owner of Patrie that she would like to open a café someday. When Patri decided to relocate to Ijuin, the owner suggested that she try it there, which led her to open the business. The name means “Kinmokusei (Osmanthus fragrans)” in French.

The café’s floor space is approximately 35 square meters. Using white as the base color, Marui created a “relaxing space” by bringing out the wood grain and placing ornamental plants throughout the café. It has round and long tables and can accommodate 11 people. Although some furniture was inherited from Patri, Marui, who says she is skilled at DIY, painted the desks, reupholstered the seats, and installed new curtains.

The only meal on the menu is Today’s Special (1,000 yen), a one-plate lunch that changes daily. Additional choices include a drink (400 yen), dessert (small 300 yen, large 500 yen), or dessert set (800 yen). Consisting of a main dish and vegetable sides, each plate includes at least seven different food items, such as meat, marinated vegetables, salad, and others, and is served with bread or rice. “I incorporate vegetables such as kale and beets, which are not so common in Japan,” says Marui.

Coffee, tea, café au lait, and other beverages (500 yen each) are also available. Marui added, “Come and relax as if you were at home.”

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. At present, Olivier Odorant is open three to four days a week, and its opening days are announced on Instagram.

  • Exterior view of Olivier Odorant

  • Table seating of Olivier Odorant

  • Counter seating of Olivier Odorant

  • Lunch example of Olivier Odorant