MATENO COFFEE opens in Kagoshima – Offering homemade sweet treats and coffee beans to-go

PUBLISHED Apr 12, 2021

The exterior of MATENO COFFEE

A specialty coffee shop MATENO COFFEE opened in Daikoku-cho, Kagoshima City, on March 15.

It is co-owned by a husband-wife duo. The shop, which was built over 70 years ago, is furnished with antique furniture selected by the couple. “We used wood as the base to bring out the quaint characters, and the decor behind the counter was inspired by a kitchen in rural Europe,” the husband, Uozumi Kakeru, said. The name of the shop means “morning” in Esperanto, and it reflects the couple’s hope that “People start their morning on a positive note and have a lovely day.”

They use coffee beans from ANY B&B + COFFEE, a Nara-based roaster. “They are light roasts but not too light, and you can get the flavor and sweetness of the beans,” says Uozumi. Their coffee menu includes Hand Drip Coffee (400 yen), which is brewed one cup at a time upon receiving an order, and Cafe Latte (450 yen), which is made with medium-roast espresso and steamed milk. You can bring your own coffee canister and buy their beans by weight. About four types of beans, including Ethiopian and Kenyan, are always available at the shop.

You can also enjoy other beverages, such as Mikan Juice (450 yen), freshly squeezed mandarin oranges from Kazumi Farm (Hidaka-gun, Wakayama), and Mori-cha (400 yen), a wildflower tea made from a blend of pearl barley, mugwort, and dokudami (chameleon plant) with the Sannen Bancha (special aged green tea) as its base. This Bancha tea is produced by the wife Haruka’s family. The shop also offers some homemade sweet treats; New York Cheesecake (450 yen) and Chocolate Chunk Cookies (200 yen), to name a couple. All products are available for takeout, excluding the morning set.

Uozumi says, “Just like the Esperanto language, which was created to build a bridge between people from different backgrounds, we want to welcome all people. We would love people to enjoy a moment of relaxation, a moment filled with warmth here before going to work, on a walk, or on a holiday morning.”

Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closed on Wednesdays.

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