Furniture & zakka store Tokimeki no Mori opened in Kagoshima, featuring ornamental plants with café.

PUBLISHED Feb 8, 2023

Inside Tokimeki no Mori

On February 1, Tokimeki no Mori, a store specializing in furniture, zakka, and ornamental plants with a café, opened in Oroshihonmachi, Kagoshima City.

The Tokimeki Kagu-Zakkaten, which had been in business in Murasakibaru, relocated to the new location and changed its name to Tokimeki no Mori. ALLIQ Fudosan manages the store. Kenji Matsubara, the production manager, says, “We decided to relocate to a larger location as we wanted our customers to enjoy coffee in a place surrounded by plants and with a kids’ room so that people with children could relax.”

The store covers an area of 330 square meters. The concept is an “indoor jungle,” and the interior is decorated with an abundance of plants. The store displays a wide variety of houseplants, air plants, hanging plants, flower pots, plant stands, and baskets, along with tables, sofas, and other living room furniture.

At the rear of the store are a café and a kids’ room. The café has eight tables and four seats at the counter. The wall separating the café from the kids’ room has a window so parents can watch their children.

The café menu includes carrot cake (430 yen), banana cake (430 yen), chocolate muffins, oatmeal cookies, and other items, all made by the patissier. The patissier’s recommended item is Rice Churros (400 yen), made with rice flour dough and fried in rice oil. The coffee served is Tokimeki Blend (370 yen), made in collaboration with Miyataya Coffee, which operates nine cafés in Hokkaido. Coffee beans are also available for purchase.

Matsubara says, “It is a fun place just to visit. Please come and spend a relaxing moment with a cup of coffee.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Café hours are from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). The parking lot has space for 40 cars.

  • Exterior view of Tokimeki no Mori

  • Ornamental plants at Tokimeki no Mori

  • Livingroom furniture at Tokimeki no Mori

  • Café area of Tokimeki no Mori

  • Café products of Tokimeki no Mori