Online Kuramatsuri Festival – Hamada Syuzou in Kagoshima celebrates 20th anniversary of Denbeegura Shochu Distillery

PUBLISHED Apr 14, 2021

Shochu bottles and an Oyuwari glass included in the tasting kit

On April 24, Sasshu Hamadaya Denbee (薩州浜田屋伝兵衛), one of the shochu distilleries managed by Hamada Syuzou, will hold an online event Denbeegura 20th Anniversary – Online Kuramatsuri Festival.

The Denbeegura Distillery marks the 20th anniversary on 22nd this month. It opened its doors in 2001, “aiming to offer information about the culture of Honkaku Shochu (traditional single distillation shochu) to future generations.”

They said, “It has been difficult for Honkaku Shochu enthusiasts as they haven’t been able to visit us in person because of the pandemic. Celebrating this milestone, we decided to hold an online event to express our gratitude and to tell people how fascinating Honkaku Shochu is and how wonderful Ichikikushikino City is.”

On 24th, a shochu advisor as well as a singer, Nishida Ai, and a TV personality, Kawakitei Gesotaro, will lead the event. This virtual event will include a virtual tour of the distillery, in which a master distiller will show various sections of the distillery, a talk show with local guests, and a lecture on shochu tasting, which will be presented by the distiller. The Tasting Kit will be used in the lecture and will be available for purchase in advance at the company’s online store Shochu.Life. The kit includes: a 720ml bottle of Sekitoba, a 720ml bottle of Murasaki Sekitoba, an Oyuwari Glass by Denbeegura Distillery, a ballpoint pen, a product brochure, etc.

In addition, Den Hanatare, the annual limited-edition Honkaku Imo Shochu that is made from sweet potatoes, and Kuramatsuri Umeshu, the festival limited-edition plum wine that has been stored and matured for 10 years, will go on sale on 22nd. They will be available at the Denbeegura Distillery store and its online store.

The event will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., and it will be live-streamed on Denbeegura’s official YouTube channel.

  • PR image of Denbeegura 20th Anniversary – Online Kuramatsuri Festival

  • Wooden barrel distillers will be shown in the Virtual Distillery Tour