Curry specialty restaurant Little Bird opens near Kagoshima Chuo Station, offering creative & basic curry

PUBLISHED Feb 27, 2023

Example of 2-kind curry plate

A month has passed since the curry specialty restaurant Curry and Kintsugi Little Bird opened in Nishida, Kagoshima City.

Mao Sonoda, the owner who says, “I love curry and taught myself how to make it,” had been offering curry once a month at a café or zakka store in the city since around 2020 on a consignment basis. The owner of the former coffee shop decided to move to Yakushima and asked Sonoda if she would be interested in opening a restaurant there, which led her to open her restaurant on the 23rd of last month.

The name “Little Bird” comes from Sonoda’s nickname “Kotori-chan,” meaning “little bird.” The interior maintains most of the coffee shop’s original design, with a counter seating three and tables seating 12. Sonoda added little bird ornaments and artwork throughout the interior. The “Kintsugi” part of the name comes from Sonoda’s business of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, but it is currently on temporary hiatus.

The restaurant offers two types of curry: a creative curry using seasonal vegetables (14 kinds) and a basic curry. The menu changes from time to time, and in February the restaurant served Milk Curry with Kobashira Clam and Yuzu Kosho and Pork Keema Curry. 1-kind plate (900 yen) and 2-kind plate (1000 yen) are available, and the 2-kind plate includes both creative and basic curry. Sonoda informs people about the menu on Instagram.

The restaurant also offers a large serving of rice for free on weekdays for local office workers to “feel satisfied with their lunch.” Sonoda says, “I have created a comfortable atmosphere for customers who dine alone. Please come and try.” She added that she would continue to offer curry once a month at GOOD NEIGHBORs, a café in Sumiyoshicho.

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Closed on Thursdays.

  • Exterior view of Curry and Kintsugi Little Bird

  • Inside Curry and Kintsugi Little Bird

  • Table seating of Curry and Kintsugi Little Bird

  • Example of takeout from Curry and Kintsugi Little Bird