Cheesecake store Enne in Hioki develops collaborative products with Amami’s brown sugar shochu Lento

PUBLISHED Feb 28, 2023

Cheesecake with brown sugar shochu Lento

On February 24, Enne, a cheesecake store in Hioki City, released a new product, “Lento x Enne Brown Sugar Shochu Cheesecake,” a collaboration with the Amami Oshima Kaiun Shuzo distillery.

Tomomi Fujii, the pastry chef, is from Uken Village where Kaiun Shuzo is located, which led to the project. The store has always been known for its rich cheesecake made with Amami brown sugar, but this is the first time they have used brown sugar shochu as an ingredient.

The shochu’s name “Lento” is derived from the classical music term “lento (slowly).” The shochu is matured using an acoustic aging method, in which certain acoustic vibrations are transmitted to the storage tank to promote a slow aging process. “It has a mellow aroma,” says Fujii, “and we carefully blended it with other ingredients to bring out the mildness of the cheesecake and the flavor of Lento.” The bottom of the cake is a layer of “Gaja-mame,” a local sweet made by coating nuts with Amami brown sugar.

Fujii said, “I was impressed by the compatibility of shochu and cheesecake, and it opened up new possibilities in cheesecake making. I made it so that even people who are not big fans of shochu can enjoy it. The Gaja-mame also adds an extra touch to the texture. We hope people can enjoy the cake with a feel of Amami.”

The price is 1,980 yen. Currently, it is available only on Kaiun Shuzo’s e-commerce site. It is also used as a return gift of the Furusato Nozei Tax Program of Uken Village.

  • Gaja-mame used for the bottom of the cake

  • Meeting for collaborative products