Taniyama Fisheries Cooperative in Kagoshima opens store for fresh fish from Kinko Bay

PUBLISHED Mar 6, 2023

Exterior view of Nanatsujima Kaihokan

On March 4, Nanatsujima Kaihokan (Phone: 099-299-8465) opened in Nanatsujima, Kagoshima City, offering fresh seafood and marine products.

Taniyama Fisheries Cooperative Association directly manages the facility. With the cooperation of six fishing cooperatives (Ibusuki, Yamakawacho, Kaiyei, Kiire, Tarumizu, and Taniyama) that share the Kinko Bay, the facility purchases fish directly from the fishermen. Since they do not go through markets or dealers, costs for transportation and labor are not incurred, allowing them to sell products at lower prices than the market price.

The sales floor is 117 square meters. The store offers about 30 to 40 kinds of seafood from Kinko Bay. Inside the store, panels with detailed descriptions of the fish are displayed, including parrot fish, hairtail, jack mackerel, and scorpionfish. Since the selection of fish changes depending on the day’s catch, the store plans to provide information on Instagram in the future. Fish purchased at the store will be filleted for free.

In addition to a large selection of sashimi, such as sea bream and amberjack, the store also offers tender dried fish produced at the facility, as well as local specialties and vegetables. It has a large parking lot, as the area of the port doubled with last year’s expansion of Taniyama Port. The office of the Taniyama Fisheries Cooperative Association has also moved into the facility.

Koji Yokoyama, chairman of the association, said, “Our goal is to be an ‘antenna store’ that serves as gateways for people to learn more about Kinko Bay. We want people to eat fish caught in the morning on the same day. We are located near the port, so you can see how the fish landed. Come and visit us.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Closed on Wednesdays.

  • Inside Nanatsujima Kaihokan

  • Fish description panel at Nanatsujima Kaihokan

  • Assortment of sashimi at Nanatsujima Kaihokan

  • Refrigerated section for sashimi at Nanatsujima Kaihokan