Satsuma Tori Mazesoba opens in Arata, Kagoshima, specializing in mazesoba noodles with chicken

PUBLISHED Mar 9, 2023

Exterior view of Satsuma Tori Mazesoba

On February 23, Satsuma Tori Mazesoba, a restaurant specializing in soupless ramen prepared with chicken broth, opened in Arata, Kagoshima City.

The owner is Koichi Kobayashi, who has run the Belgian Beer Bar Mugishu Honpo in Uearatacho for 16 years. Kobayashi likes mazesoba, but many restaurants use fish powder, which he is not keen on. This led him to decide to make it himself, wanting to eat something with chicken broth. For the past two years, he has operated a mazesoba restaurant, “Hirudake Tori Mazesoba (Chicken Mazesoba for Lunch Only),” on a trial basis during lunchtime hours when the bar is closed. “Repeat customers increased, and we decided that there was a need for it. We thought we could operate a specialty restaurant in the city, which led us to open this one,” he recalls.

Satsuma Tori Mazesoba has a natural wood interior, a relaxed café-like space welcoming to single female customers. It has an area of approximately 33 square meters and 13 seats in total, including counter and table seating. Kobayashi added the word “Satsuma” as the restaurant uses red chickens from Satsuma, the former name of Kagoshima Prefecture. He also chose the katakana name “マゼソバ (mazesoba)” to emphasize that it is different from ordinary mazesoba since it uses chicken broth and chicken oil.

The menu includes Simple Chicken Mazesoba (780 yen), Sakurajima Chicken Special Mazesoba (980 yen), Spicy Mazesoba (880 yen), and Chunky Meat Mazesoba (880 yen). In addition, the restaurant offers side dishes such as Taiwanese Chicken Rice (330 yen), Soup Dumplings (440 yen), and Belgian beer, such as Stella Artois and Hoegaarden.

Kobayashi added, “I want to make this a restaurant that is welcoming to all and rooted in the local community.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays.

  • Counter seating of Satsuma Tori Mazesoba

  • Table seating of Satsuma Tori Mazesoba

  • Sakurajima Chicken Special Mazesoba from Satsuma Tori Mazesoba

  • Spicy Mazesoba from Satsuma Tori Mazesoba