A shop specialized in sweet potatoes & desserts opens in Nakamachi, Kagoshima City – Featuring Beni-Haruka sweet potatoes from Nagashima

PUBLISHED Mar 31, 2021

Baked sweet potatoes at 3515

On March 31st, 3515 (Sangojugo), a shop specialized in baked sweet potatoes and desserts, opened in Nakamachi, Kagoshima City. It is managed by a Kamoike-based company, Merchant Prince.

The shop offers baked sweet potatoes and desserts made with Beni-Haruka, a variety of sweet potato grown on red volcanic soils in Nagashima. “Surrounded by a natural environment, the agricultural landscape of Nagashima is truly beautiful, and we wanted to help preserve this unspoilt landscape,” says the manager. The word Sangojugo (三五十五) means relaxing or slowing down in a Kagoshima dialect.

Besides baked sweet potatoes, desserts featuring sweet potato are also available to go. These include Sweet Potato Pudding (380 yen), Sweet Potato Eclairs (320 yen), and Sweet Potato Crepes (280 yen), and they have been made under the supervision of a pastry chef, Nishimura, of “Fromage Cru”, a pâtisserie located in Murasakibaru.

The shop has 12 tables, and if you choose to eat in, you can enjoy other treats, such as Yakiimo Honey Toast (650 yen), a honey toast topped with vanilla ice cream and yakiimo (baked sweet potato); Yakiimo Ice Cream (550 yen); Yakiimo Cheese (550 yen); and 3515 Imo Parfait (750 yen).

“The Beni-Haruka variety from Nagashima is cultivated in red soils, and it is renowned for its high sugar content and rich taste. You will indulge in the full-bodied flavor. Do come and visit us,” he added.

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (The kitchen closes at 6:00 p.m.)

  • Inside 3515

  • Various desserts at 3515

  • Various desserts at 3515

  • Yakiimo Honey Toast at 3515