Ramen store ‘Menya Aburaya’ opens in OPSIA Misumi: limited edition menu available

PUBLISHED Mar 22, 2023

Menya Aburaya - OPSIA Misumi Branch

On March 3, ramen restaurant Menya Aburaya – OPSIA Misumi opened in the first-floor food court of the commercial facility OPSIA Misumi in Usuki, Kagoshima City. Matsunoya Foods manages the restaurant.

In March 2022, the company opened a western-style restaurant Usuki Yoshoku Daimon in the same facility but subsequently closed it due to soaring commodity prices. It reopened as a new restaurant in the company’s Menya Aburaya chain.

The chain features ramen broth made from beef bones called Gyukotsu Paitan, or beef baitan. As the name implies, it also focuses on “abura (fat or oil)” and uses A-grade backfat from Kurobuta pork. Noodles, pickled bamboo shoots, hot sauce, and chicken oil are also made in-house.

The Ramen menu includes Gyukotsu Paitan Ramen (790 yen), Gyukotsu Paitan Char Siu Ramen (990 yen), and Aburaya Soba (700 yen). A limited menu item, Kagoshima Tonkotsu Chuka Soba (750 yen), is available only at the OPSIA Misumi branch. The restaurant also offers a variety of rice dishes, such as Backfat Char Siu Bowl, Fried Rice, and Black Curry. Since many customers with families visit the commercial center, a Kids’ Ramen Set (250 yen) with toys is also available.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

  • Gyukotsu Paitan Ramen from Menya Aburaya - OPSIA Misumi

  • Gyukotsu Paitan Char Siu Ramen from Menya Aburaya - OPSIA Misumi

  • Aburaya Soba from Menya Aburaya - OPSIA Misumi