Kitchen studio opens in Matsumoto, Kagoshima, offering food-related events and classes

PUBLISHED Mar 23, 2023

Exterior view of Garden Kitchen Studio

On March 21, a kitchen studio Garden Kitchen Studio opened in Matsumoto, Kagoshima City.

Table of Smile manages the business. Naoko Sugizuru, the president of the company and a certified food coordinator with first-class certification, opened the studio as a base for product development, photo shoots, food-related events, and classes.

The studio will handle food photography and video shoots for promotional materials, recipe creation and testing of new products, and PR events to promote products. In addition, “an array of events are underway,” including lectures by Kagoshima Food Coordinator College, a program run by Sugimizu; nutrition education classes; and seasonal tasting events.

The building is a two-story atrium. The first floor is mainly used as a studio, while the second floor houses the office. The interior walls are painted white for a good photographic effect. It has many windows and a view of a nearby creek. The studio plans to cultivate plants and fruit trees in the spacious garden and is selling original merchandise to raise funds to support the project.

From the 19th to the 21st of this month, an opening event titled “Spring Yellow Exhibition” was held with local stores offering baked goods, bread, delicatessen items, pottery, and others. On April 18 and 27, a “Photography Styling Class Using Spring Desserts as Models” (4,000 yen per person), and on April 22, a miso-making class (5,000 yen per parent-child pair) will be held with a senior koji (the mold used in making soy sauce, miso, and other fermented foods and beverages) maker as the instructor. Information on events and classes will be posted on the website and Instagram.

Sugimizuru said with a smile, “I want to make this a place where people want to come and visit and be loved.”

  • Opening Event at Garden Kitchen Studio

  • Interior with white walls at Garden Kitchen Studio

  • Original merchandise from Garden Kitchen Studio