‘Shochu and Local Cuisine’ now available at capsule toy stores in Kagoshima City; five brands in miniature

PUBLISHED Mar 27, 2023

New series of “Shochu and Local Cuisine” capsule toy vending machine

In mid-March, a new series of Gashapon capsule toys, “Shochu and Local Cuisine,” went on sale at capsule toy specialty stores and toy sections of stores in Kagoshima City.

Gashapon is a capsule toy brand of the toy manufacturer BANDAI. Shuro Kawano, public relations manager at Hamada Shuzo, a long-established Kagoshima shochu distiller, learned that Gashapon had a collection of miniature figures of sake and cups and suggested to BANDAI that the shochu version might be interesting as well. The person in charge of the sake collection at BANDAI agreed, and they began exchanging ideas.

They chose five shochu brands from the Kyushu region for the series. The collection also includes figures of local cuisine to promote Kyushu’s culinary culture. Combinations include DAIYAME and Satsumaage from Kagoshima, Iki Super Gold 22 and Iki Tofu from Nagasaki, Makai eno Sasoi and Yobuko squid from Saga, Iichiko 25° and Usa Karaage from Oita, and Hakutake Shiro and Karashi-Rencon (lotus root) from Kumamoto.

Each capsule contains a miniature figure of a shochu bottle, a glass with the brand’s logo, local cuisine, and chopsticks, along with a miniature booklet with an introduction to each brewery and information about the shochu and local cuisine. A total of five different sets are available.

“Shochu is a rare distilled spirit in the world that produces a variety of aromas and flavors depending on the ingredients, such as sweet potato, rice, and barley, as well as koji, yeast, and each brewer’s production techniques,” said Kawano. “We hope that this Gashapon will be an opportunity for people to learn about each brand and the local cuisine.”

The price is 400 yen per round. In Kagoshima City, they can be found at the first-floor toy department of Bic Camera Kagoshima Chuo Station and Gashacoco on the second floor of CenTerrace TENMONKAN. They are also available at other locations nationwide, including toy stores, major retailers, and amusement facilities.

  • Shochu from Kyushu in miniature

  • DAIYAME and Satsumaage from Kagoshima