Doughnut specialty store ‘mo-I donuts’ opens in Kagoshima, with 10 types always available

PUBLISHED Mar 29, 2023

The owner, Kojima (right), and a staff member welcoming customers

A doughnut specialty store, “mo-I donuts,” opened in Kamoike, Kagoshima City, on March 21.

Tadataka Kojima, with ten years of experience in the restaurant business in Kishaba, opened the store. Koshima, who is a doughnut lover himself, began researching doughnuts about six years ago and has been marketing them at events in the city.

The store has a floor space of approximately 33 square meters, with a lot of wood used to create a tranquil interior. At the entrance is an illuminated logo of a moai figure with a doughnut on its head. Kojima says he hopes customers will ask about the reason for using moai when they visit the store.

There are always about ten different flavors of doughnuts available. The dough is made from a blend of Hokkaido wheat and fried with additive-free shortening. “Our doughnuts are not greasy and light. Women can enjoy them,” says Kojima. The recommended items are the Macadamia Crumble (360 yen) and the Original Glaze (330 yen).

For drinks, the store offers a coffee blend that goes well with doughnuts, created in collaboration with Bird be There, a house-roasted coffee shop near Kirishima Jingu Shrine.

Kojima said, “I put my heart and soul into making donuts so that they will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Please come and visit us.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (close when sold out). Closed on Mondays and Sundays.

  • Exterior view of mo-I donuts

  • Counter of mo-I donuts

  • Inside mo-I donuts

  • Always 10 types are available

  • Examples of doughnuts from mo-I donuts