Second edition of Kyushu Graduation Thesis Contest ‘Odoron’ calling for entries

PUBLISHED Apr 5, 2023

A scene from last year’s final judging session

The second edition of the “Kyushu Graduation Thesis Contest that Makes You Want to Dance ( a.k.a. Odoron)” is now accepting entries organized by the Kagoshima-based Nine States Local Partnership Board.

The contest was held for the first time last year aiming to “shed light on graduation theses and consider how they can be utilized to solve problems in Kyushu and make it a more exciting place to live.” Last year, the contest received 25 entries, and ten finalists were selected, with the final judging held in June at Kagoshima University’s Inamori Kaikan Hall.

Last year’s grand prize was awarded to Masaki Tokudome (Kyoto University of the Arts, submitted in 2022), who wrote his thesis on “Public nature of music composition workshops and their applicability to city promotion.” Tokudome has since engaged in activities as a “community songwriter” to compose songs with communities and organizations in Kagoshima Prefecture. He wrote the lyrics and music for the Kagoshima City Promotion Project and released the new song “KAGOSHIMA CITY DAYS” in March. In addition to making the song available on YouTube, he expanded its availability by allowing it to be used in posts on Instagram and other social media.

This year, the field and theme of the graduation thesis are set to be open, and entrants are asked to show “how it will excite Kyushu” and “how it will help solve issues” on the entry sheet and in the presentation at the final judging. Regardless of the year of graduation, the competition is open to graduation theses, master’s theses, and doctoral dissertations from graduates of universities, graduate schools, junior colleges, and vocational schools, as well as graduation productions and designs. Eight finalists will be selected and invited to the final judging to be held at Kumamoto Castle Hall on August 11.

“It would be a waste to let the graduation thesis you have written end up being presented only on campus,” said company president Motoki Tajika. “Every research project has the potential to solve local issues and make Kyushu an exciting place to live. Through Odoron, we hope to share the value of the graduation thesis and think together about how to make the most of it. We are looking forward to receiving applications on a wide variety of themes.”

Applications will be accepted until April 30.

  • Masaki Tokudome won the grand prize last year