Kyoto-based fitness gym LifeFit opens its first facility in Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Apr 6, 2023

Exterior view of LifeFit Kagoshima Yojiro

A 24-hour fitness gym LifeFit Kagoshima Yojiro opened in Yojiro, Kagoshima City, on April 1.

LifeFit is a fitness franchise from Kyoto. All procedures, including application for membership and access to the gym, are completed through a dedicated application. The fee is monthly or one-time use with no registration fee or fixed contract period.

Takashima, a company running real estate and sports businesses, including SUN GREEN, manages the franchise. It is the eleventh outlet in the franchise and the first in Kagoshima. President Yoshifumi Uehara decided to open the facility to “create a fitness gym that is easy for clients to use.”

The floor area is approximately 463 square meters. The free weights area is 198 square meters and is equipped with seven types of plate loading machines, TORQUEs. With mirrors on the ceiling so that visitors can check their forms, the gym is designed to satisfy both beginners and advanced fitness practitioners. Locker rooms with locks for men and women are also available free of charge.

The monthly fee is 3,278 yen or 550 yen per use. Users can switch plans and join or leave the gym via a dedicated application.

Uehara says, “Since staff members stay until 23:00, beginners can use the facility without worries. We hope that people will try it out.”

  • Free weights area of LifeFit

  • Inside the gym