MEAT BANK opens in Kagoshima, featuring six restaurants specializing in meat

PUBLISHED Apr 19, 2023


On March 31, MEAT BANK, a restaurant complex featuring meat cuisine, opened on Miyako Street in Chuocho, Kagoshima City.

Taniyama-based Kamichiku Group manages the complex. The group, which promotes a sixth industry style — an integrated system that covers everything from feed production, cattle and pig farming, meat processing, retail, and food service — and Mothers, which operates a restaurant business in Tokyo, joined forces to open the facility.

There are five restaurants on the first floor and one on the second floor. The name is derived from the fact that the remodeled building used to be a bank, and the restaurants offer a wide variety of meat dishes. The complex has a floor space of approximately 330 square meters. The first floor has 127 seats, although the number of available seats is determined on a store-by-store basis. The second floor has 62 seats, including eight private rooms. Yoshitake Yasumura, the CEO of Mothers, designed the interior and exterior.

The first floor has been designed under the concept of “liveliness.” The restaurants on the first floor are Bulgeum Gopchang, a Korean horumon grill; Miyako Dori Shoten, which offers stewed and fried food; Teitei, a Chinese restaurant from Tokyo; Tori Sumibi Taichi Kagoshima Chuo, which offers grilled chicken thighs, a popular dish in Miyazaki; and Record Bar Junko, which is lined with a variety of records centering on Showa-era songs.

On the second floor is Yakiniku Kamichiku, which serves only meat from designated farms and grades, targeting customers in their 30s and older. The meat is served with a light sauce prepared with Kagoshima dried bonito flakes as a base so the customers can taste the full flavor of the meat.

Ordering and billing are done on a restaurant-by-restaurant basis. The price per customer, including drinks, ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 yen on the first floor and from 6,000 yen on the second floor.

“The idea behind the complex is to create a place where customers can appreciate a ‘cycle of gratitude’ by conveying the passion of producers and showing appreciation for life through food,” says Keisuke Amimoto of Kamichiku Holdings. He added, “We want to be a bridge between producers and customers and create a place where people can smile.”

Business hours vary from restaurant to restaurant.

  • Miyako Dori Shoten

  • Tori Sumibi Taichi

  • Yakiniku Kamichiku