‘Flower Photo Fes’ at Kinkowan Park, Kagoshima, calling for photos of flowers on its website

PUBLISHED May 1, 2023

Roses at their best in Kinkowan Park (photo taken April 27)

The “Flower Photo Fes,” an open call for photos of flowers taken at Kinkowan Park, is currently underway on the official website.

The sponsor is Kagoshima City. Approximately 250 varieties of 1,200 roses are now in full bloom at Kinkowan Park. On the official website of the 29th Kinkowan Park Flower Festival, held on April 23, they are calling for photos taken at the park between April 23 and May 14.

The site displays submitted photos, and as of May 1, over 80 images have already been uploaded. Since one person can submit an unlimited number of photos, some people have uploaded more than three photos so far. Submissions are accepted only through the website.

Participants will have the opportunity to win a prize of Kagoshima beef (worth 7,000 yen, 2 winners), a flower card (worth 1,000 yen, 13 winners), or Kagoshima tea (worth 1,500 yen, 15 winners).

  • Roses at their best in Kinkowan Park

  • Roses in Kinkowan Park

  • Example of roses