Private-room Izakaya ‘Satsuma Ebisu An’ opens in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City

PUBLISHED May 2, 2023

Example of shochu at Satsuma Ebisu An

One month has passed since the private-room Izakaya Satsuma Ebisu An (Yamanokuchicho, Kagoshima City) opened in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City.

The izakaya, which opened on April 1, is managed by Linquest. The name comes from a desire to appeal to overseas and out-of-town visitors with the ancient name of Kagoshima, “Satsuma,” and from the god of business prosperity, “Ebisu Ten.”

Satsuma Ebisu An is located on the second and third floors of a building. It promotes the private room style, with three rooms on the second floor and five on the third, accommodating 4-6 people per room. By removing the partitions, the second floor can also be used as a banquet hall for about 30 people.

The menu is centered on meat dishes, such as gyoza, fillet cutlet, stewed pork, and spare ribs using Kurobuta pork. Salads and other side dishes are also available. Recommended items include Kurobuta Gyoza, Black Wagyu Beef Tataki, and Satsuma Ganko Red Chicken Sashimi, to name a few. In addition to shochu and sake, the izakaya offers 24 cocktails, plum wine, sours, and snake wine HABURA. The average customer spending is estimated to be around 4,000 to 5,000 yen.

The izakaya plans to renew part of the interior and menu by June and will hold a grand opening on June 1. The third floor will be refurbished into private rooms with a Japanese-modern style, keeping in mind overseas tourists.

The company’s president, Chikara Fujine, said: “We want to create a place that will be loved not only by locals but also by overseas and out-of-town visitors by using social media and creating exciting menus and events. We would also like to try our hand at a children’s cafeteria during off-peak hours.”

Opening hours: 6:00 p.m. – midnight. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

  • Example of a private room of Satsuma Ebisu An

  • Second floor of Satsuma Ebisu An

  • urobuta Gyoza from Satsuma Ebisu An

  • Sample dishes