Art Exhibition ‘Soen’ to open at Gallery Shirakaba in Izumicho, Kagoshima, 13 artists participating

PUBLISHED May 8, 2023

Work by the articipating artist Ikumi

An art exhibition, “Soen – 創宴,” will open at Gallery Shirakaba (Izumicho, Kagoshima City) on May 11.

The exhibition is organized by ART-PORTE, a comprehensive art website based in Kagoshima. Koga Seira, the organizer, has been holding open-call group exhibitions in the city. This time, in an effort to broaden the scope of art and exhibitions, Koga invited artists whom she hoped to see their works in person and hold art shows with. Thirteen artists from Kagoshima and other prefectures are showcasing, and it is the first time Gallery Shirakaba to host the event.

The exhibition features various types of paintings, including paper-cutting art “kirie,” Japanese-style paintings, digital art, pen drawings, and others. Among the artists from Kagoshima are Toshiya Kitada, an artist of realistic insects and animals in colored pencil; Miho Mizumoto, who creates digital paintings reminiscent of watercolor works; and Akane Haraguchi, a watercolor painter of botanical art. From outside the prefecture, Atsushi Mizushima, who paints dinosaurs in Japanese-style painting, and Puchiko Yuki, who creates kirie of animals by combining plants and electronic circuits, will participate.

The title, “Soen – 創宴,” is a combination of two kanji; “創,” meaning “to create,” and “宴,” meaning “party” or “banquet.” It reflects the hope that it will be a place where those who engage in creative activities and those who appreciate them can gather and interact. Koga hopes that the exhibition will provide an opportunity for visitors to see works by artists who rarely host shows in Kagoshima and will also serve as a stimulus for artists in Kagoshima Prefecture.

The exhibition will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. until the 16th of this month. Admission is free.