Hana Therapy experience at CenTerrace TENMONKAN, Kagoshima City

PUBLISHED May 9, 2023

A scene from last year’s Hana Therapy lecture

The event “Hana Therapy in Kagoshima – With a Smile in Full Bloom” will be held on May 21 at the sixth-floor hall of CenTerrace TENMONKAN, Kagoshima City.

Hana Therapy is a new style of therapy, healing people’s hearts with the power of flowers. The organizer is Mayumi Honda, the first Hana Therapist in Kagoshima Prefecture and operator of the Hana Therapy workshop Maun. The concept of the event is “Let’s sparkle and shine with the power of flowers.” Honda hopes that the healing power of flowers will bring out the therapeutic power within the individual so that they can lead a brilliant life.

“In Hana Therapy,” says Honda, “you simply arrange the flowers that appeal to you. The flowers you choose and the placement of the flowers have psychological meanings, and they touch your true feelings and deepest psyche.”

Katsuko Aoyama, founder of Hana Therapy and president of General Foundation International Flowers and Greens Therapy Association, will give a talk on how Hana Therapy was developed and its effects. For the experience, they will provide cut flowers and containers for the participants to arrange flowers as they wish, and a Hana Therapist instructor will interpret the arrangement for those who want to learn more. Hana Therapists will also report on their activities, including examples of Hana Therapy in hospitals and education.

The flower vessels will be Satsuma ware made by Yoyo in Hioki City so that the participants can feel the culture of Kagoshima. Honda hopes that the event will be an opportunity for people to touch fresh flowers, be healed, feel refreshed, and be truly energized.

The event will run from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The fee is 4,500 yen, including flowers and a Satsuma ware vessel. Registration will be accepted until May 13 on the website, with the first 80 applicants.

  • Hana Therapy class held last year

  • Participants working on flower arrangements (last year)

  • Example of flower arrangements made in past Hana Therapy classes