Finnish-style private sauna with TV opens in Koraicho, Kagoshima City

PUBLISHED May 10, 2023

Inside Room C of “moi moi”

The private sauna “moi moi” opened on April 28 on the seventh floor of a building in Koraicho, Kagoshima City.

Prince Matsuyama Beauty Salon manages the facility. Yuji Matsuyama, the president, decided to renovate the seventh floor of the company building to offer a different kind of sauna experience from the conventional sauna culture that has been nurtured in Kagoshima, where there are many hot springs and public bath facilities. The name means “Hi” in Finnish greeting.

Hiroshi Ota, a hot spring facility management consultant, supervised the facility design. The sauna is Finnish style, with three rooms (Room A, B, and C). All rooms are equipped with sauna stoves and stones imported from Finland, as well as a löyly system in which water is poured over hot stones with a ladle to generate steam.

The interior uses Yakusugi cedar wood, and the seating area is long enough to lie down on. Every room has a built-in Smart TV so that guests can enjoy Netflix and other video streaming services. The facility also provides towels, skin care products, a hair dryer, and has a powder room, so “guests can come empty-handed,” Matsuyama added.

Rates are 3,800 yen for 90 minutes in Rooms A and B, 4,500 yen for 90 minutes in Room C, and an additional 2,000 yen per person if more than one person uses one room.

Matsuyama says, “This is a facility where you can relax and spend time in comfort without a care in the world. We hope you can sweat out the stresses of everyday life.”

Opening hours” 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Closed on the third Monday of the month.

  • Room B at “moi moi”

  • The seat is long enough to lie down on

  • The lobby of “moi moi”

  • Air bath area at “moi moi”

  • Powder room of “moi moi”