Dry head spa ‘Head Mint Kagoshima’ opens at Kagoshima Chuo west exit

PUBLISHED May 18, 2023

Treatment (performed in blue light)

One month has passed since the dry head spa Head Mint Kagoshima (Phone: 099-272-9902) opened on the second floor of AMU WE, a commercial facility at the west exit of Chuo Station in Kagoshima City.

Head Mint is a chain with 19 outlets nationwide, and the Kagoshima branch, which opened on April 14, is the first in Kyushu. It is franchised by Grandeur, which operates a relaxation salon in Kagoshima City. The company decided to open the salon at Chuo Station to offer clients a place they can receive a quick and easy healing treatment in their spare time.

The dry head spa is a treatment that does not use water or oil to massage the scalp. The treatment room, equipped with five reclining chairs and four beds, uses blue light to create an “otherworldly blue space where one can easily fall asleep.”

The menu includes a dry head massage (from 1,100 yen for 10 minutes), a course with neck and shoulder massage (from 3,300 yen for 30 minutes), and body care (from 2,200 yen for 20 minutes), which is performed on the desired part of the body while lying face down. Reflexology on feet, knees, and others, hands and facial treatments, and set menus that combine different treatment options are also available. Although same-day appointments are offered, reservations are recommended to shorten the waiting time.

Manager Misaki Uemura says, “We hope that people will use the spa in their spare time while shopping or waiting for the bullet train and that it will give them strength for the next day. We would like to run the salon in such a way that everyone in Kagoshima will come back again and again.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

  • Reception at Head Mint Kagoshima

  • Reclining chairs of Head Mint Kagoshima

  • Using blue light

  • Powder room at Head Mint Kagoshima