Culture Creator Co-Creation Course to start in Kagoshima to learn Arts and Culture Management

PUBLISHED May 24, 2023

A scene from last year’s Art Management Course

Kagoshima City will hold a “Culture Creator Co-creation Course” from July to December. The venue is Mark Mazan in Meizancho, Kagoshima City.

Last year, the course was held as an “Art Management Course.” The name was changed this year to cover a wide range of management issues not only in the art field but also in the field of arts and culture. It reflects their idea that “each student will emerge as a culture creator and work together to create a platform.”

Four lectures will be held from July to September. Each session will consist of a classroom lecture stimulating creative thinking (90 minutes) and a practical workshop (90 minutes). Group and individual presentations are scheduled from October to December.

Lecturers will include Takao Kunori, former deputy editor and chief online editor of Forbes JAPAN; Shuichiro Sakaguchi, a musician who also organizes events and venues; and Yuka Kurose, communications director. Hiroshi Tamura, co-president of RE: PUBLIC; and Kyohei Nozaki of Musuhi will also participate as guest lecturers.

Kurose said, “If you are considering participating, please visit KCIC (Kagoshima Cultural Information Center) at the Minato Odori Annex first. Something may start from the process of talking and putting things into words. Please feel free to drop by.”

Applications will be accepted via the application form until 5:00 p.m. on June 18.