Bakery specializing in dog-motif buns opens in Shimoarata, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED May 25, 2023

Chocolate-fileld round buns

On May 7, Wanpan de Inupan, a bakery of dog-motif buns, opened in Shimoarada, Kagoshima City.

The owner, Yoshikazu Yamada, is an entrepreneur in the consulting and IT fields, and this is his first entry into the food business. Since Yamada is a dog lover, he came up with the concept of “a bakery with canine motifs, something that has never been done before.”

The store is lined with buns decorated with dog designs. Dog faces are applied to the top of the buns using chocolate and other. “Each one has a different expression, so please choose the one you like best,” says Yamada. Plush dogs are displayed throughout the store, and there is also a photo spot.

Buns are baked in the store’s kitchen. The lineup includes sweet buns, such as Chihuahua Bun with Custard (270 yen), Dog Cup Bun (290 yen), Anko Maritozzo (240 yen), and savory buns, such as Bacon Onion Rolls. Limited-time offerings are also available each month, with May’s Pug Buns (290 yen) made with matcha green tea from Kagoshima Prefecture. The bakery also offers baked goods for dogs, “recommended for celebrations and birthdays of your dog,” says Yamada.

Yamada added, with a smile, “I hope you will make many memories with your dog with our buns.” He plans to expand the business nationwide, opening stores in Fukuoka and Tokyo.

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

  • Exterior view of Wanpan de Inupan

  • Inside Wanpan de Inupan

  • Croissant from Wanpan de Inupan

  • Cup buns from Wanpan de Inupan

  • Buns for dogs at Wanpan de Inupan