Pop-up Store of ‘Jet-Black Cakes’ at Yamakataya in Kagoshima – Brand from France

PUBLISHED May 30, 2023

Cake decorated with a black rose

From May 31, a pop-up store for “Jet-Black Cakes” by the French lifestyle brand BLVCK PARIS will open in the basement of Building 1 at Yamakataya, Kagoshima City.

BLVCK PARIS is a lifestyle brand that focuses on all-black clothing, food, and interior design. The brand chose desserts to introduce its black concept to the food scene. The production of Jet-Black Cakes was overseen by Kenta Hasegawa, a pastry chef and sugar artist who formerly worked at the Imperial Hotel.

The venue is lined with all-black desserts made with chocolate and bamboo charcoal. Some cakes decorated with black roses and snakes are all black on the outside, but inside are raspberry jelly or rose cream mousse, and red appears as they are eaten. The lineup includes BLVCK SNAKE (1,680 yen for a portion, 4,860 yen for a whole cake), BLVCK ROSE (1,680 yen / 5,400 yen), and BLVCK ROLL (2,700 yen for a roll).

Hasegawa said, “We were particular about expressing the black imagery of BLVCK PARIS as it is and not compromising the flavor quality. We aimed to create a new genre of cake that is stylish, overturning the common notion of cake being cute. We hope you enjoy the impact of our jet-black products.”

The pop-up store will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Introducing the black concept to the food scene

  • Examples of black rose cakes

  • Cake decorated with a black snake